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CLS Water maintains your water treatment equipment. Our services target both municipalities and industrial facilities.


L'audit d’installations


We accompany you in choosing the technology which best matches your needs. Our mission encompasses multiple operations :

  • Audits, expertise and advice: changes in your installations and technology.
  • Training your team members: specific subjects and continuous learning.
  • Compliance with new standards: food, American standards, HSE, etc.
  • Water analyses, ionic results, controls and diagnostics on medias and membranes (UF/RO) for complex investigations (clogging, contamination, etc.).
  • Management of special operations: closing a production facility, periodic maintenance, interventions during staggered working hours, etc.
  • Heavy curative interventions: treating biofilms in networks, regenerating filters and resins, passivation of circuits, etc

Les contrats de maintenance


Our maintenance contracts for equipment and water treatment comply with activities that require water to be constantly pure :

  • Preventive maintenance operations on all types of equipment: pumps, water tightness in membranes, heat exchangers, linings, etc.
  • Technical assistance, advice, expertise and training.
  • Calibration, calibrating instruments and measurement chains, in compliance with third-party bodies (FDA, Cofraq, etc.).
  • Supplying and exchanging consumables: membranes, filtration cartridges, specific packaging chemical products, etc.
  • Calibration and specific maintenance on disinfection lines using electrolytic ozone.

L'amélioration des outils de production


We can also modernize your production facilities, using a clearly identified sustainable development approach. We study your facilities to obtain a global overview, with a three-leveled goal :

  • Industrial: a study of planned shut-downs, adaptation of new rhythms of consumption and distribution.
  • Economic: an assessment of lifecycle cost of the different solutions you have to modernize your facilities.
  • Environmental: considering energy consumption aspects right from the time your tools are designed while limiting chemical products and waste.

La fourniture de pièces détachées et de consommables


With CLS Water you also have a large catalogue of spare parts and consumables for your installation :

  • Reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration membranes, electrodesionization skids, membranous degasification skids.
  • Membranes, generators, probes for oxidation lines (UV, chlorine, etc.).
  • Filtration, microfiltration, active charcoal filtration block cartridges.
  • Ion exchange resins, water softening, decarbonation, separated and mixed beds.
  • Specific resins, electronic grade, nuclear grade, condensate treatment.
  • Specific medias: Sand, Birm, filtreAg, Zeolite, Calcite.

For additional information just contact our water treatment company. Located in Saussay, France, we work throughout France and abroad.

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