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Purification d’eau potable et industrielle


CLS Water proposes purification of potable water in the Eure-et-Loir, as well as throughout France and abroad. Our company has tailor-made solutions for you, depending on the quality of water you require..


CLS Water’s large range of water treatment units allows us to meet most needs using standardized modules. We can also carry out specific and customized projects. Besides selling equipment, we also ensure its engineering, installation, launch and after-sales service. These solutions allow you to produce and distribute waters that comply with European and American standards. CLS Water has a team of qualified and experiences welders who can build highly purified water distribution loops. We also train your staff members on the use of these installations


Our water treatment technologies guarantee production and maintenance of the quality of water used in pharmaceuticals industries up until end-users. Different qualities of water are required according to how it will be used :

  • bulk purified water
  • bulk highly purified water
  • water for injectable preparations

CLS Water’s technologies allow you to obtain the results you need by using several processes :

  • ion exchanges
  • reverse osmosis
  • electrodionization
  • ultrafiltration
  • distillation
  • in situ thermal, chemical and ozone disinfection

These solutions allow you to produce and distribute water that complies with the various European standards


The cosmetic industry field requires treated water to :

  • clean equipment
  • rinse
  • produce numerous products: sprays, lotions, shampoo, moist towelettes, perfume, body and facecare creams, suntan lotion, etc

To satisfy our clients, we have turn-key assembled technologies :

  • prefiltration
  • water softening
  • demineralization on resins in separated or mixed beds
  • membranous degasification
  • osmosis and reverse biosmosis
  • electrodeionization
  • sterile microfiltration, ultrafiltration
  • ozone or thermal disinfection

These solutions allow you to produce and distribute water that complies with the various European standards.


We control water quality as well as compliance with sanitary regulations for the agri-food sector. We aim to reduce withdrawals from source waters. This is how we work on the effectiveness of treating and recycling water.

CLS Water proposes several energy efficiency technologies :

  • reverse osmosis / concentrators
  • ultrafiltration / nanofiltration

Our solutions are adapted to the requirements our clients have, depending on their needs and the quality of water required :

  • preparation of industrial water to feed into steam boilers, heat exchangers, etc.
  • potabilization of surface water or well water
  • disinfection of water using chemicals
  • stability treatment using products formulated to protect networks


We have technical potabilization solutions for public municipalities :

  • membranous filtration
  • traditional filtration
  • iron and manganese treatments
  • arsenic treatments
  • UV disinfection
  • ozonation
  • chlorination (Cl², ClO², NaOCl)

We also have seawater desalination solutions.

Our range of activities spans :

  • standard to customized (compact and modular installations from 100l/hour to over 200m³/hour)
  • turn-key solutions to the sale of cubic meters

With our global “material, products and operations” approach, we keep our costs low while enjoying optimal industrial performances.

Il nous font confiance

For additional information just contact our water treatment company. Located in Saussay, France, we work throughout France and internationally

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